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How to setup SMPP Protocol

gilpclai@hsbc.com.hk Novice

I've installed AP 4.1 on Window 2003 server. Could anyone tell me how to setup SMPP protocol for text phone device? I found the installation guide totally different than the Admin GUI. Any document that I can refer?




Thanks a lot


  • How to setup SMPP Protocol



    Regarding the differences, is there any chance that you were looking at the Device Engine section of the installation docs as opposed to the Protocol Provider section which is the area of the GUI where the screenshot is from......?


    SMPP Device Engine - p167-173 (specific device engine for a protocol, in your case SMPP)

    SMPP Protocol Provider - p209-213 (individual protocol provider settings for SMPP communication service used by the device engine)


    Hope this helps

  • How to setup SMPP Protocol
    cstewart xMatters Employee

    Mmmnn, I looked at this as well and I suspect Barry is correct, as the SMPP Provider Details table matches exactly what you've posted in the screenshot. Pls let us know if we can help further.


    BTW, updated manuals for the latest patch are being posted today.

  • How to setup SMPP Protocol
    kjue xMatters Employee

    Most of the settings in the SMPP protocol provider, are over rides for the same settings in the SMPP device engine, for the device engine settings you only need to provide ia a Name for theProtocol Provider (you can put your provider's name here, or your companies mane here like "Acme's SMPP Provider"

    Number of retries, how many times should we retry failed trasactions with the provider

    Retry interval, how long to wiat between retries

    Max Session Size, how many notifications we hand to the provider each time we connect/chat with them.


    For the SMPP Device Engine, most of the required fields would be providered by the Service Provider, like is you connected to AT&T via SMPP, AT&T would provide

    Server Address

    Server Port

    Connection Mode


    System ID


    Let me know what more detail I can add to help you out here


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